Welcome to Cheryl's Rowdy Girls' Paint Night Party - September 7th - 6 p.m    

    Join us for a Cheryl's Paint Night  at Rowdy Girl's Saloon - You know it will be a good time.... it always is..... at Rowdy Girls'!

    Our projects are fully customizable!  Please each out to me at least 7 days in advance from custom designs.  If you see a design in a store you like, send me a pic and I can create a design.   

    Please order your kits at least 4 days in advance (except custom... then it's 7 days)  and they will be delivered to Cheryl's the day of the party.    Everything you need to complete the project is in the kit.  

    There is a $5.00 service fee for the party that you will need to add it to your cart prior to checking out.  Just click "Cheryl's Party" product to add to your cart.  

    Instruction Steps:   

    1.  Add Cheryl's Party Fee to your cart. Close the cart with the "X" in the upper right hang corner to continue shopping. 

    2.  Pick your project / sign & design and add to cart.   Complete your checkout or close the cart to continue shopping.  

    The projects listed here are only a portion of our website.

     If you'd like to add something to your order from our full website, you will have to do that separately and add in the notes that it's for Cheryl's party.  You will still have to add the party fee to your cart available only through the link provided if you did not order from her party link.     

    This web page is only available through the link Cheryl has provided.  If you navigate away from this page, you will have to access it though the link, it is not visible from the main website.

    Additional kits will be available at the party for purchase using Cash, Credit or Debit.  



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