How To Create a Gallery Wall

Picking the perfect art for your home is not always an easy task as you visit store to store or browse online for the just the right look.

I do however, love a gallery wall concept! It is such a great way to pull together a cohesive mix of art, family photos, mirrors, favourite quotes & mementos, all the personal items that tell your story!

Gallery walls or family walls have become quite popular and they are an easy way to transform bland walls, bring in your personality and create a focal point.

Creating a gallery wall doesn't need to be complex or take hours on end. It's brining your favourite pieces together showcasing your personality. They make a great feature wall in areas such as hallways, staircase walls, living room or bedrooms.

Why not incorporate some DIY pieces into your gallery wall!

Our Letter "Scrabble" tiles are totally customizable and are such a fun way to express your creativity and are a great starting point. Add a monogramed 2 stencil wood square, a wood sign or even a horizontal house kit to the wall.

Here are some quick ways to pull a gallery wall together:

Choose one or two of our DIY kits as a starting point. Letter tiles are a perfect start with your favourite sayings or family member names.
Collect - Collect things you love, maybe it's pieces of art or photos you already have around the house. Different frames, textures, materials, take a look around your home and repurpose the ones you love.
Think about the scale / size of your arrangement, odd or even number of pieces
Look online for some inspiration
Create a theme or just display the ones that make you happy
Measure your wall space and lay your collection on the floor. Stand back and look at them all together. Rearrange if necessary to get the look you love.
Take a photo of the combination you like best
You can trace the layout on some craft paper that is cut to the size of area you are working with, then hang the craft paper on the wall.
Stand back, do you still like the arrangement? if not, rearrange.
Use the craft paper to mark where you want the pictures.
Decide how you will hang them. Do you want to use nails? Try velcro strips for no damage to your walls.
Then stand back and bask in the glory of your creation! Be proud of what you created. YOU DID IT! We knew you could.

Tell your story and show off your creativity. You might think you aren't creative, but You Can Do It! There is no wrong way to be creative and we can help!

You CAN create a keepsake that wasn't mass produced and is unique to your style.

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