Lisa Miller - Owner
About Our Founder

My early years as a single mother had me taking on DIY projects using power tools out of necessity.   During my lengthy career in automotive quality working long hours with lots of travel and I found there wasn't much "me" time to dabble in DIY projects or home décor, something that I enjoyed.

We welcomed our first grandchild into the world which changed my whole outlook on work/life balance.   I decided it was time to leave my career behind and spend some quality time watching my granddaughter.   

I remember trying to balance work and home life. Any time I wanted to be creative I'd have to run to the store to buy the wood, get out the tools to cut and sand, buy paint in multiple colours that I may never use again, brushes, etc.   By the time I got all of the project pieces together I found myself out of time or feeling rushed to get it done and it wasn't  enjoyable.    With the arrival of Pinterest,  I found myself saying "I can do that" and "Pin-it", but never end up gathering the materials to make it happen.  

Finding myself with some extra time forced me to take a look within and to try and re-invent myself.  “Me” time was now possible and I started making stencil signs at home.  It felt so good to be creative which led me in the direction on how could I make it easier for others out there to find their spark and creativity within their busy lives.  

You Can Do It DIY Kits was born on this premise. We cut and sand all wood blocks, you select the design and colours that are unique to your style and taste, You Can Do It DIY Kits provides all the project essentials for you to Have Fun and Be Creative with the final piece.         

We hope to inspire your spark so you can Have Fun and Be Creative in this busy world!

I'd like to thank my husband and partner Jim, for his IT support and creation of this website as well as his hands on support cutting and sanding. Special thanks to my daughter, Sara for her help with instructions and French translation.