Tiered Tray Introduction

Tiered trays are all the rage in the home décor world, and there's good reason for it. Besides being an excellent creative outlet, tiered trays are a great way to give your home's décor a quick refresh without a huge investment of time or energy. They are a fun way to display your personality and style in any room of the home.   

Sometimes there are holidays we just don't have time to fully decorate for, or sometimes, our home simply isn't in any condition for décor. 

It's nice to decorate a tiered tray so that we still get to enjoy the celebration without all of the set up, clean up and tear down.  

The chance to engage in a creative project that exists solely to add something beautiful to our lives is amazing. Styling up a tiered tray is often a little bit of self-care time where we can just play with ideas instead of focusing on work.

If you've thought about adding a tiered tray into your own décor why not start with our 
 Vertical House Tiered Tray DIY Décor kit.   This kit includes four décor pieces that help you style your tiered tray.  Our Do-It-Yourself kits always come with your choice of stencil and paints including all the supplies to paint and finish your décor pieces.  Accessorize your tray with pieces that you already have, look around your home for trinkets and collectables that follow the same theme and add them to your tray.   

If you don't have a tray, try our DIY Riser set.   This DIY riser set comes with 2 sizes of riser to stack or use separately and are fully assembled. All you need to do is pick your colour to match your décor and get creative.  Add a personalized stencil to make a great centerpiece for your kitchen table or island.   Or take a look around your home and be creative on what you can use for a tray... a pedestal cake stand, pizza plate, just look around and imagine what you could use.  

Why not have some fun and unleash your creativity?  You'll end up with some beautiful pieces that you will be proud to display.

Have Fun and Be Creative!

Vertical House Tiered Tray DIY Kit

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