What Inspires Your Creativity?

Inspiration is all around us!  What inspires your creativity?

My inspiration comes from all of YOU!   Your requests, ideas, the pictures and feedback you share inspire me!

When I get a request, like the latest one... to “create something with trees and a Northern stars/Borealis feel” I am inspired!   Sometimes I get stuck and I turn to Pinterest or the internet, old photos or ask family/friends for their ideas. Many times there’s not much to go on, so I start with one piece and hope that continues to inspire!

That’s exactly what happened with this “Muskoka” theme! It started with the tree outlines, and then trying to figure out how to create the Northern lights. One block at a time, until it comes together.   This is one of my favourites!


I love sharing creativity and believe everyone can be creative. Creativity is empowering but sometimes it’s challenging to find the sources for creativity.

Another recent request was for a Birthday theme. I have a hard time creating just one kit, so I put together many options so that "You" can choose what you like in whatever combination you want.  Something that is uniquely yours!

This is where we help inspire each other!

You Can Do It - DIY Kits can help by sharing the essential tools that will help you create something beautiful for your home. You can be creative and pick the project, stencils and colours.

You don’t have to be an artist to create. Everyone creates!

What inspires you to create? What are you making today?

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