Canada Day Wood Tag DIY Kit
Canada Day Wood Tag DIY Kit
Canada Day Wood Tag DIY Kit

Canada Day Wood Tag DIY Kit

The word “inukshuk” means “in the likeness of a human.” For generations, Inuit have been creating these impressive stone markers on the vast Arctic landscape. Inukshuks serve several functions, including guiding travellers, warning of danger, assisting hunters and marking places of reverence.  (ref:

“Eh” is invariant because it doesn’t change at all based on what you’re talking about; it remains “eh” whether you’re talking about one subject or many, now or in the past. 

This product contains all the essentials to complete your Wood Tag project:

This product contains:

  • Two sanded, ready to paint, 3.5" x 5.75" wood tags
  • Two time use stencil
  • 2 colours of paint. Additional paint colours are available and include an additional brush.
  • Foam brushes, artist brush, application & removal tools, easy to follow instructions.
  • Jute

All you need to do is:

  1. Pick your stencil from the appropriate selection shown with this product.  
  2. Pick your paint colours.

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