Halloween Mini Rolling Pin 3 piece kit

Halloween Mini Rolling Pin DIY 3 Piece Kit

These unfinished Mini Rolling Pins are a .75" x 7" solid wood design with 4" of available space for a stencil. 


This product contains all the essentials to complete your Halloween Mini Rolling Pin DIY project:

  • Three sanded solid wood, ready to paint, .75" x 7" mini rolling pins
  • Three, one time use stencils (your choice)
  • Three, 12" pieces of ribbon
  • Two colours of paint
  • Foam brushes, 1 per paint colour
  • One detail brush (for touch ups)
  • Tooth picks (for weeding inside of letters)
  • Stencil applicator
  • Sandpaper (for smoothing or distressing)
  • Instructions
  • Box (that can be used for storage when switching up your displays)

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